Our Recruiting Process

First Round
Behavioral Interview: We aim to understand about your character and behavior by addressing questions related to your background, experience, skills and goals.

Business Case Interview: We will provide you with one or two business case studies of moderate complexity. You are not expected to be familiar with the issues or the industry sectors involved within these cases. Remember, there is no single right answer! We are more interested in understanding your ability to solve problems in a logical and structured manner and in knowing more about your critical thinking and analytical capabilities.

Second Round
Short Business Report: You will be expected to develop analysis and recommendations for a business problem simulating similar situations faced by our clients. The case is roughly two-pages in length and is accompanied by a small dataset. You will be given 48 hours to solve the business case and should present afterwards your findings in a twenty-minute presentation.

Final Round
Feedback interview: We will provide you with feedback concerning your previous interviews. Our aim is to give helpful feedback on your performance as well as to open up a dialogue with you about your reaction to our feedback and to our recruiting process in general.

President/Partner Interview: At your final round of interviews, you will be meeting with our president or one of our partners to discuss your career objectives and the different career opportunities available at ROX Management Consultants. You will have the opportunity to ask any specific question you want to know about ROX and its working culture as well as any issue that has not been clear at an earlier stage.

Our Recruiting Process
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