ROX Management Consultants is fast growing to become one of the leading management consulting firms in the region. Our target is crystal clear; we aim to be up there with the best. We are always interested in hiring top talent that is eager to embark on a journey of excellence and award winning achievements.

ROX is a strong believer in meritocracy; therefore our talent is continuously offered extensive training and career development workshops to advance its skills and capabilities. Those who show the will and ability to perform at the highest levels will certainly be rewarded, promoted and appreciated.

If you are ambitious, passionate about what you do and interested in a long and prosperous career, then your place is with us. At ROX Management Consultants, you will be placed in the front line of the main business challenges taking place in the region.

Whether you are a fresh graduate, in your middle career or seeking a senior leadership position, ROX offers you the opportunities to excel and ROCK your career. "Our ROX experience has been truly sensational and surprising so far; there is a magical feeling in the air unifying our offices in the Middle East and our employees seem to consider work as fun. At ROX, yes, we do have fun."
                                                         The President.

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